Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mini Mausoleum Construction Completed

With Halloween only 60 days away we're happy to have completed the constructions stage of the Mini Mausoleum yesterday. That gives us about 4 weeks of ambient temperatures to paint the prop in our garage, since October can be a toss up temperature wise. Designed the belfry tower to be removable/optional, so it can also be used more like a traditional mausoleum prop by covering up the "moon roof" with a board. For this Halloween, a hanging bat prop will be used in the belfry tower section and a standing prop in the mausoleum section. Purple LED rope light will be installed inside the eaves and under the roof to uplight and downlight both props. Will also probably install some small cup hooks for stretching some spider webs inside the interior of the prop. The prop breaks down into 9 pieces for easy storage.


  1. That looks great! Can't wait to see it all done! Love that is comes apart for storage, that's always a plus!

  2. wow - nicely done! That is a beautiful bit of construction.