Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mini Mausoleum Lighting

Decided to play around with the LED rope lights inside the prop over the Labor Day weekend. Very happy with how the prop has turned out. The lighting of both the inside of the mausoleum and the belfry tower came out just as envisioned. The rope light is installed with clips and is easy to remove/install so different colors can be used for future Halloween haunts. Still have some work to do regarding our other props for this year's haunt, but with the mausoleum built, the difficult work is out of the way. Now is the time of year when we check out the stores for items not necessarily for this year's haunt but for the future. Already acquired some items for future haunts. When we see Halloween decor and props that fit our aesthetics or theme ideas we tend to buy now and save for later because items come and go from year to year, sometimes to never grace a store's shelf ever again.


  1. What kind of clips did you use for your rope lighting?

    1. The rope lights came with mounting clips and screws but we used a heavier duty rope light clip that were purchased at Lowe's after Christmas on sale a couple years ago. The brand is Commercial Christmas Hardware (CCH). http://www.christmashardware.com/rope-light-clips-product.html