Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Prop Build August Update

Making some progress on the "Mini Mausoleum" prop. It still needs outer paneling, a roof/belfry tier, and decorative trim. Hope to have the building stage completed by the end of August so that it can get painted in September. And still need to build another PVC pipe mannequin frame and base for one of our werewolves! Only 75 days left until Halloween. Since we only set up the yard haunt for Halloween (usually get started the day before), we've still got plenty of time but we can't dillydally. Late last October we drove around some local towns at night to see what kind of Halloween decorating people had done and saw lots of nice lighting, decorations, and haunts. We felt like perhaps we weren't doing enough to promote the spirit of the holiday with just our candy corn lights and fall leaf garland around the front door. So this year we're putting up orange and purple LED C9 bulbs on our Christmas light stringers on the front gutters and matching mini lights for the front door garland at then end of September as the opening act to the big night.

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