Sunday, November 14, 2021

Prelude To Dracula's Throne 2022

We got the 2021 throne prop safely put away in our basement until next Halloween season and already started prepping for turning it into Dracula's Throne for next year's haunt. We have small wooden decorative scroll corbels that can be temporarily hung on the top sides of the throne's back side rails with small mounting screws. On top of these corbels we're going to mount decorative bat finials. These will all be painted in the same finish as the throne. We also have a vampire bat plaque that will replace the horned demon skull plaque on the throne. For the sitting mannequin we ordered a new pair of mens mannequin hands that we will simply paint the finger nails black on. We will also most likely swap out the one torso PVC pipe on the sitting mannequin with one an inch or two longer to make him better proportioned. We went with the Hammer film version of Dracula for our 2022 'Classic Monsters" theme because 1), we personally feel Christopher Lee was the quintessential Dracula, and 2), we just weren't liking the Bela Lugosi Dracula mask currently available.

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