Friday, November 12, 2021

Another Look: Halloween Haunt 2006

Back in the mid 2000's we were still running our own website for sharing our annual yard haunt photos and we would downsize the photos to a much more internet friendly upload file size. Our earliest yard haunt photos from the late 90's were taken with film cameras and the photo lab printed results were less than stellar. And even when we switched to digital photography soon after, we made the mistake of setting the image resolution on the cameras to resolutions of 600 x 800 (or worse) for the sake of being able to upload them easily, which at the time wasn't all that detrimental due to the computer screen resolutions available back then. But in 2006, we did shoot the photos using the full camera resolution available to us, we just didn't post them in their original format. So we decided to take another fresh look at all those 2006 yard haunt photos and share some of the best ones in their original resolution. Note: There are links on the upper right side column of this Blogger page that will take you to all our old and current yard haunt photo albums.
Haunted Eve Halloween 2006

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