Thursday, November 4, 2021

Looking Forward To Creepmas

The outside of the house always looks so sparse after the haunt is put away. All that's left to do is move the jack-o-lanterns to the back of the property to compost over the winter. Many people will often ask if we go all out decorating for Christmas outside after they see our Halloween haunt and the answer is "Nope!" Mr. Haunted Eve will swap out the Halloween themed red & orange LED C9 bulbs on the gutter stringers with Christmas colored ones and we'll get some garland and lights around the front door and we'll place the LED snowman prop we purchased last season in the far corner of the paver terrace, and that's as exciting as it gets. Mr. Haunted Eve is looking forward to The 13 Days Of Creepmas and what interesting daily Creepmas art challenges are in store.


  1. I hear - I get that question to about decorating for Christmas. My answer is I have 6 bins Christmas stuff and 25 of Halloween stuff so no. But Creepmas will be fun.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Halloween with us through the Countdown to Halloween!

    Now to mark my calendar for Creepmas!