Friday, October 26, 2018

Haunted Eve Flickr Page

Just had to renew our website's hosting plan for another year and "ouch"! We started the website almost 18 years ago way before free social media and photo sharing websites existed and old habits are hard to break but the web hosting costs are seriously getting outrageous. Another problem is the search engine optimization requirements have also become ridiculous. With each passing year our SEO score gets lower and lower. Back around the late 2000's, a simple "yard haunt" search on any major search engine would find us on the top page of the results. We're practically nonexistent now! The poor ranking reasons change every year. One minute it's making the page "mobile friendly", so we do that, and then the next it's "you don't have a SSL certificate". Well the cost is $75/year for a certificate from our hosting provider (after the first year $60 promotional price). That's on top of domain registration and hosting costs. Bottom line, we have zero need for a SSL certificate, there are no "transactions to secure". Considering our "economy" web hosting already costs $96/year on top of the annual domain registration cost. You'd think they'd throw in a SSL certificate for that kind of money! And we've already switched providers a few times over the years, which in and of itself is a chore. And all this hassle just to get about 800 site visitors in October (our website's busiest month of the year). So we're going to be transitioning over the next year to having just the blog and using Flickr to share our annual yard haunt photos. Already started with last year's yard haunt pics.

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  1. Yikes - sounds like they are really sticking it to you.