Thursday, September 6, 2018

DIY Scarecerow Head

Made our own scarecrow prop head using a foam head for the base, Crayola Model Magic, Outdoor Mod Podge, burlap, and some fake zombie teeth. Just needs some tea stain painting and a coat of sealer spray. Trying to keep in the same style as the old latex scarecrow mask from the 2007 haunt (background of photo).


  1. Wow - That's gonna scare some kids.

    1. Well, after playing around with the DIY scarecrow head on a PVC pipe mannequin today, we decided it's going to be shelved. Proportions are just off and it didn't meet our QA/QC standards. We've ordered a replacement mask that should be just as scary, if not scarier! That's why we work on this stuff early so we have time to make changes!