Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cauldron's "Magic Brew" Sneak Peek

Sneak peek at our "Magic Brew" in action. The glass pebbles are the "bubbles". After all the glass pebbles are in place I will glob Liquitex Glossy Heavy Gel in between them. The hole in the center is for mounting an animated witch's hand. The "Magic Brew" will sit just inside our hanging cauldron. One of our witch props will be standing over the cauldron. The cauldron will have a wood "fire" burning underneath (a string of silicone flame tipped amber mini lights under fire wood). The prop scene will be uplit with a small flood light. Hope it will have some "wow" factor on Halloween night!
In hindsight I conceived a somewhat easier approach to this prop. I could have "Swiss Cheesed" the luan board with various sized holes and glued the glass pebbles over them and just lighted the prop from underneath inside the cauldron. Didn't come up with that until after I started gluing the LED lights down, but I think the glass pebbles create a nice lens effect sitting on top of the LEDs.

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