Monday, July 29, 2013

Witch On A Broom Prop Sneak Peek

A sneak peek at our "Witch On A Broom" prop. Took a hanging 48" witch prop and mounted the witch's inner wire frame to the broom stick using a wooden dowel (the dowel is camouflaged by the witch's costume). The witch's hands are attached to the broom stick using floral wire. The broom is composed of a decorative birch pole (a leftover from another prop build) and some branches and straw from a rustic country broom decoration cable tied to the end of the pole. I tried really hard to get the broom in an ascending position by cutting the dowel's base at an angle and then screwing the dowel to the pole, but gravity has the broom sitting horizontal. I'm just happy that the witch is attached to the broom and hasn't come crashing down while hanging up in the basement. When you're bodging together various parts to make a prop you sometimes have to say 'Good enough!" Going to hang the witch on Halloween night from one of the the gable corners on the front of the house and flood light it from below. 

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