Saturday, June 1, 2024

Front Porch "Barricade" 2024 Upgrade Plans

The 2020 pandemic created a bit of serendipity when we crafted a "social distancing/treat bag self serve" fabric covered wooden barricade frame for our front porch that Halloween. Our small front porch entry at this house had become problematic on Halloween night once we had a storm door that opened outward installed. Trick-or-treaters would create a bottleneck as they all clambered on our front porch to get their treats and would then have to all step backwards for us to open the storm door (we often have Halloween nights in the upper 30s to low 40s). The porch barricade put an end to the bottleneck and allowed us to utilize more of our small front porch for our haunt display and has since become a permanent addition to our haunt. For our 2024 Haunted Mansion inspired "Ghost" themed haunt we wanted to embellish the barricade with wood panel details. We've started working on some of the design elements using materials left over/unused from our 2022 porch bookcase and 2023 aedicula prop builds. The porch barricade upgrade should be completed by later this summer. 

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