Friday, April 12, 2024

2019 Haunt Photo

For our 2024 Halloween yard haunt we're revisiting our 2019 ghost theme. We have to work out a better system for mounting the digital projection screen in our front window this year. In 2019 we used 3M removable double sided adhesive mounting dots to mount the screen fabric to our vinyl window frames, but the adhesive couldn't keep the screen fabric taught for the entire duration of the haunt. We started to get visible wrinkles and creases in the fabric due to the flexible/stretchy nature of the dots. This summer we're going to test out 3M Command Velcro strips on the window frames paired up with sew on Velcro strips on the edges of the screen fabric. The hope is that the Velcro strips can keep the screen fabric taught or at least allow for quick adjustments.

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