Monday, January 30, 2023

Halloween In The 70s

Mr. Haunted Eve found the following article the other day and found it to be quite humorous! It accurately describes what trick-or-treating on Halloween was like for Mr. and Mrs. Haunted Eve when we were children in the 1970s.
The Treats Of Halloween: The Little Things by Jason Marshall


  1. Great post! SO many memories. This part was so familiar: "Three hours later you drag home a pillowcase with 50 pounds of goodies. You have licorice. BB bats. Chocolate marshmallow brooms. Those horrible little Kerr’s molasses kisses. An Eat-More bar. Peppermint leaves. Wax lips. And Pixy Stix."

    1. BB Bats were Mr. Haunted Eve's nemesis Halloween candy. The paper wrappers would often stick to the so called "taffy" (hard as a rock) and they would often remain untouched at the bottom of my plastic treat pumpkin until the following year, where they would then be found melted to the bottom of the pumpkin despite the pumpkin being kept in a cool basement for the entire year!