Thursday, November 10, 2022

Halloween 2023 Haunt Theme

The yard haunt theme for Halloween 2023 is "Haunted Bayou". The haunt's main characters will consist of a Swamp Witch, a Rougarou (the mythical Louisiana werewolf), a Voodoo Priest, and Baron Samedi. We plan to transform the moviegoer skeletons from this year into swamp creatures for next year. A couple months ago we purchased an artisan creepy undead doll called "Diane of the Dead" and want to incorporate creepy doll/voodoo doll elements into the haunt. We weren't sure how we were going to use the "Diane of the Dead" doll in the haunt since the doll is rather large and wouldn't fit on a shelf in the bookcase prop we made for our front porch this year. But we did build a mid-sized wooden coffin prop for our 2009 haunt that hasn't been used in many years that will work perfectly (just needs a little "booster" shelf on the bottom to raise the standing height of the doll). We're going to have Baron Samedi standing behind the coffin and doll. Here's a very early sneak peek:

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