Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Lighting Apparatus Prop

The "Lightning Apparatus" that will go on a shelf of the Frankenstein's Lab Bookcase on our front porch for Halloween is 99% completed. We're using a couple of our battery powered LED flame sconce lights to backlight the control panel. They looked better than the LED puck lights. Their flicker effect looks like power surges in person. We built the upper frame to house an 8" Android tablet PC, with the decorative trim hiding all but the tablet's screen. We're just waiting on a bag of assorted black rubber bands from Amazon. A rubber band across the back connected to some small screws should keep the tablet snug against the frame, but allow for easy removal for recharging the tablet. Once again, the tablet will be looping an animated graphics lightning bolt video. We'll save what that looks like for the haunt photos on Halloween.

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