Sunday, July 10, 2022

More Prop Progress

Very happy with the prop progress for the haunt. The Wolfman is pretty much done, but that particular mannequin's height was modified to be visible in our 2017 built mini-mausoleum prop (the mini-mausoleum has been retired after making 3 Halloween haunt appearances), so some longer PVC pipe legs are needed to fix the proportions. Also spray painted the black bat finials and vampire bat plaque with antique bronze paint and got those installed on "Dracula's Throne" (formerly Lucifer's Throne). The white plastic hands that will be used for Dracula were spray painted a similar skin tone to match the mask. Not a perfect skin tone match, but "close enough". Fingernails on the hands will be painted black. Also may have to add an inch or two to the torso on the Dracula mannequin. We'll put some foam pipe insulation on the hip pieces which will raise the height some, but it's hard to tell how the proportions actually look visually until the costume is on the mannequin. We'll swap in a longer torso piece if needed. 


  1. Looks like its really coming along. I'm looking forward to seeing that final Dracula prop

  2. The Wolfman is very good - looks almost alive.