Thursday, October 10, 2019

Crunch Time, Only 3 Weeks Until Halloween

With Halloween only 3 weeks away, we're in the "Last Looks" phase where we're trying to iron out any "wrinkles" we discovered regarding some of our haunt ideas and implementing any changes while we still have time to test them out. One of the problems we discovered was that the digital projector and holiday FX video bundle we purchased from a big box retailer in 2016 turned out to be really subpar in quality. We never got around to testing it out because it wasn't something we had planned on using for the haunt themes we had planned for the next few years. So a couple weeks ago we unboxed it and tried it out. The projector output brightness was poor, the projected image was next to impossible to get a sharp focus on, and the included videos were not true HD resolution. This was to be the "main attraction" effect/prop for the haunt, we planned all the other props and lighting effects around this one concept. So we were going to skip it altogether, but because we didn't pay a whole lot for it at the time, we decided that conceptually the idea would work with a better quality projector and higher resolution FX source video. So the new projector still needs to be tested out. Another concern was that the one standing ghost prop we are going to put on the front porch may be too monochromatic looking under the blue LED porch lights we are going to use. So another last minute expenditure was spent on adding some red LED lights as eyes so that when covered in its otherworldly veil will have a little more visual interest to it. Constantly trying things out in a dark garage and basement making sure things look good. Also working on mounting one of our oldest props that we purchased way back around 1999 on sale after Halloween from Spencer Gifts on to a 8 foot tall post. We're calling the prop "The Ghost on the Post". And still have to make decisions for this year's outdoor Halloween sound track! Thinking Nox Arcana this year instead of Midnight Syndicate. Home and yard haunting is not just throwing a few decorations outside for Halloween, it's more like serious stage and movie set design.

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