Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Indoor and Outdoor Decor

We always decorate the inside of the house for Halloween by mid to late September and we put out what we call "decoy" Halloween decorations to promote the Halloween decorating spirit for the month of October and to keep the neighbors guessing as to what they're going to see on Halloween night at our house.


  1. I am sure the neighbors are thinking "they are going so tame this year". Ha - just the decoys! Love all your pumpkins shapes and sizes. You must dig through the bins to fine such interesting individuals.

  2. Those 11 pumpkins were purchased from 3 different local roadside farm stands this past Sunday. We try to pick ones that look like they will be good for carving. That's just round one. We know we can loose a few to rot before Halloween rolls around so we'll get some more in another week or two. The past 3 years we got all our pumpkins from the grocery store near us. They had the big bins outside with lots of good sized pumpkins for very good prices. The prices this year were just too expensive. We live in an agricultural based county and there are lots of farms and they must have had a really good growing season, because they are plentiful and the prices are fantastic. Total cost for those 11 was only $44!

  3. Oh I wish I could do the same! My wife wouldn't let me. I haven't put any decoration out yet except the stuff I bought this year. It will be this weekend. I absolutely love the spooky display.