Friday, September 11, 2015

Slowly Making Progress

This year's "major prop build" for the Gargoyles and Gorgons yard haunt theme is going to be a Gothic castle wall facade with "stained glass windows" that fits around our dining room window bump out like a decorative screen.  The windows will be comprised of acrylic sheets and decorative window film. The theory is that the light from inside the house will illuminate the faux windows. We're just expanding on the concept of the Halloween transparent window posters that are sold in stores, like the ones we used for our 2012 zombie themed haunt. So far we got the basic wall panels completed today. The wall panels will be joined together with a center piece along with left and right end cap pieces. The center and end caps will have quoining details to provide some dimension to the prop. Those items still need to be built. The wall panels will first be painted black and then masked using painters tape to create the appearance of stone mortar joints. The final coat of paint will be a textured gray outdoor deck resurfacing paint which will hopefully create the look of stone. This prop will be the back drop for some of our life-sized gargoyle monster props, and of course lots of jack-o'-lanterns. 

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