Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Pirate Theme Water Effect

Back in 2006 we did a pirate ghost ship theme for our Halloween yard haunt. We wanted to really give the impression of a ship wreck on the water on a moonlit night. The solution was to use a DJ water ripple light effect unit. The unit back then used a 250 watt halogen projector bulb and the bulbs are extremely temperamental to finger prints. We went through two bulbs just in testing and finally learned you have to wear gloves to handle the bulbs. Newer versions of the lighting effect are LED based. The final result was worth all the effort though, To see all the pictures from that year's haunt: Halloween 2006 Ghost Pirates Yard Haunt


  1. What a beautiful haunt Eve - love the underwater effect and the treasure chest. So because you change themes every year, do you repurpose all you props in order to do that???

    1. We try to repurpose props as much as possible, but sometimes they're a "one and done" purchase. We've been using the one latex stand-up pirate skeleton from 2006 as a mannequin just about every year since. He's been a ghost, vampire, witch, etc. The standing female zombie prop from 2012 was the witch in front of the glowing cauldron in 2013. Next year she's going to be a gargoyle. Skeletons are really the best prop investment because they are so versatile. We owned several 3 foot posable plastic skeleton going all the way back to 1999. Managed to use them in just about every haunt until all but one eventually broke (the plastic got brittle after so many years). This year we replenished our inventory with two 5 foot tall posable ones. They'll be out again next year!