Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Yard Haunt Pics

The complete set of pictures from this year's Halloween yard haunt are up on our website: http://www.hauntedeve.com/Haunted2011.htm
The theme for this year was "The Grim Reaper".


  1. You guys do an incredible job.

    We're big Halloween people as well, and your website is a go-to for ideas & inspiration.

    Out of curiosity, do you get help carving the pumpkins, or do you do it all solo? And where are you guys located?

    Keep up the tradition, you have big fans in Denver!

    1. So glad that our web site is your "go-to for ideas and inspiration". Web hosting costs keep going up and we have often thought of ditching it and sticking with just the blog and a free photo sharing site, but it still has relevance. To answer your questions: 1) My wife and I carve all the pumpkins. 2) We're located in the Western New York area.

  2. Beautiful photos, i like it!