Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Yard Haunt Audio

Ordered a couple of HMDX Burst rechargable speakers in gray to use with a small inexpensive battery powered MP3 player for Halloween night. Need some Dia de los Muertos music playing in the background to complete the haunt. While not weatherproof, I like the fact I don't need to run a power cord to it. It can easily be stashed behind a tombstone or placed in the corner of the front porch if the weather isn't cooperating. It's small enough that it could be hidden in a prop for sound effects. Way back in the early 2000's we had a wireless outdoor speaker but it continually lost signal and played more static than sounds/music. For the past several years I've used a pair of small powered computer speakers with an MP3 player which always became a hassle with running the power cord and all the speaker wires involved. The reason I ordered two of these little speakers is they're pretty inexpensive, so why not have a spare!


  1. Music is an awesome idea - I never even considered it. It must really enhance the mood of your haunt.

    1. It does add "ambiance". Highly recommend music by Midnight Syndicate.

  2. Got the HMDX Burst speakers today. I'm super impressed with the sound quality and overall loudness for such a small portable speaker. Only paid $16 each too!