Monday, October 25, 2010

Cemetery Pedestal

I built a cemetery pedestal for displaying our newly acquired gargoyle in the yard haunt. After having wind related tip over issues with the cemetery gate posts I constructed for last Halloween, I deliberately made the pedestal short and stocky. I also decided to make it a dual purpose prop by leaving the back partially open with a shelf for hiding a fog machine or other special effect device.


  1. Looks good, and very clever design.


  2. Last year I made two very quick cemetery entrance columns that were only 3 ft. high or so, yet with the windstorms we had they got blown all over the place. This year they only fell down once.

    Now as I design features for my yard display, support structures and anchoring devices take a prominent place in the process.

    Good looking pedestal and gargoyle though.


  3. As someone who shares your wind issues, I recommend leaving space inside props for a large cement block. They work wonders :)

  4. No need for cement blocks or anchors on this puppy, it's all solid pine and the pedestal only stands 20 inches tall. It weighs close to 50 lbs without the gargoyle!